>>House Rules<<

Ability scores are 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, and 12.

After assigning ability scores you can redistribute 3 points.

No starting ability score can be above 18.

Each character starts with an “Heirloom”,
something personal to your character
which develops as you do.

Characters may be eligible for extra skill training based on storyline.

Characters are granted certain starting equipment
in addition to starting gold.

Charisma is a mental social ability only.

When determining Hit Points,
you use the maximum amount of you Hit Dice.

When you gain Racial Levels you also gain Hit Die by your race
or as determined by the DM.

I am removing the alignment requirements for Barbarian and Monk.

On attacks and combat skill checks,
a natural 20 is an automatic success while a 1 is a failure.

Depending on the action the 1 is applied to,
you are allowed a “Saving Roll” to mitigate consequences.
(Kind of like it is a “negative critical hit”.)

On non-combat checks a 20 is +10 and a 1 is -10.

You can gain access to trained-only skills by being taught ICly.

Some feats are so exotic that a teacher is required.

Most prestige classes require a teacher of that class.

When not actively using them,
you are considered to have “taken a 10” on your skill checks.

When a player does not show up for a session,
their character becomes controlled by the DM until such a time as the player returns.

Upon the occasion that someone chooses to change characters,
the former Player Character becomes an NPC and forfeit to the DM.

When people, approved by the DM, wish to play temporarily
a “Cameo” character is created which can interact with the party
but is still not a “player” or part of the main story arc.

I may add to this list at a later date.


Neogea Voidbane