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Mohan (Eli) Male Elf Ranger lvl 4
>Wields an ancestral Greatbow and has an Elven Hound companion.
Blue (Justin) Male Human Fighter lvl 4
>Duel wields a Flail and a mystical Whip.
? (Taylor) Male? Human? Cleric lvl 4
>A priest of the Egyptian god Re-Horakhty, who favors a Khopesh.
? (Zach) Female Half-Orc Druid lvl 4
>Raised within the Forest of Obad-hai by a druidic order, carries a spear made of Wyvern tail.
? (Fabi) ? ? ? lvl 4
? (Paul) Female Human Fighter lvl 4
>Uses the bones of slain enemies as armor and weapons.

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